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Wound Care
Sutures   Absorbable Sutures We supply all types of natural and synthetic absorbable sutures.Our wide portfolio of products include- Plain catgut sutures, chromic catgut sutures, Truglye (PGA) sutures, Trusynth (PG910)Sutures, Truglyde Fast ( fast absorbing PGA) sutures, PDSynth (Polydioxanone sutures, Monoglyde ( Poliglicaprone 25 ) sutures.These sutures are made under strict quality control in a state of art facility and in supplied in medical grade packaging.
Wound Care Systagenix,  home of Let’s Heal®, and focused 100% in wound care, Systagenix is a leading global supplier of advanced wound care solutions. More recently, the company announced its commitment to be the first to enter the field of wound diagnostics, by introducing the first point of care test to detect elevated levels of protease activity, which is a key marker for wound healing, as highlighted by several published articles and international consensus documents.Once available, this will be the entry point of the Let’s Heal® approach to wound care.
Haemostats     Description: REOXEL Haemostat is designed to arrest capillary bleeding and bleeding from parenchmatous organs and resection areas at surgucal interventions It shall be used to stop bleeding when other haemostat procedures are not applicable. When it contacts with blood, REOXEL Haemostat forms a brownish or black gelatinous mass which aids clot formation in 3-4 minutes. This gelatinous mass acts as a physical matrix to which platelets can adhere. With platelet aggregation and formation of platelet-fibrin plug, haemostasis occurs. When REOXEL Haemostat is used properly in minimal accounts, it is absorbed from the sites of
implantation without tissue reaction.

Dinaledi Medical (Pty) Ltd

Dinaledi Medical was established in 2006 in JOHANNESBURG to service the demands of the Health Care industry – needs of the health care practitioners, service providers and especially patients. The Management group has over 120 years service in this industry. We recognize that service excellence coupled with understanding needs and providing value for money is the cornerstone to success. The team take great pride in our track record of building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Dinaledi is uniquely positioned in that we have all the appropriate credentials along with the expertise and capacity to service all market sectors.

The company is currently 100% black owned and over 85% black staffed.

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    Dinaledi Medical (Pty) Ltd Implements Fully Integrated ERP System In the latter part of 2010 Dinaledi Medical (Pty) Ltd made a decision to implement a fully integrated ERP system to replace its’ largely manual systems. The success of this implementation is reflected in the attached article which was published recently by Oracle. Dinaledi Medical gains insight with JD Edwards...